Captain's Stay-Dry Anti-Chafe Powder 6.5 OZ

Our unscented and ultra soothing blend of all- natural arrowroot, calamine, and aloe vera powders combat chafing, calm skin and keep you feeling dry in even the most demanding environments. Apply this highly effective formula to moisture prone areas after toweling off from the shower to reduce friction and increase comfort. Formulated without dye, fragrance, or talc, you can feel good about this addition to your daily routine.  

Made in New England.


Calamine, Aloe Vera, Arrowroot and Cornstarch Powders

Directions for Use:

After showering, apply powder as desired to dry skin in moisture prone areas to prevent chafing, reduce friction and increase comfort.


Keep out of reach of children.

Not for consumption or internal use.

Do not use on open wounds.

Do not store in direct sunlight or heat.

Contains nut and/or nut oils.