Created by two recreational fishermen who grew up and still live on the coast of New England, MacKenzie’s Fisherman Hand Scrub was born out of our love for the sport. The eager anticipation and preparation that goes into a trip is only rivaled by the thrill of the catch. Once the weather, tides, and mechanics are checked, the tanks are fueled and the tackle is in order, the well-established rituals of preparation make way for the day at sea. Up before the sun, we eagerly anticipate the moment a fish will strike and are eternally optimistic that this will be the day we land a monster. Our time on the water is always special no matter what ends up in the box, and if our boat can claim bragging rights back at the dock, that’s just a bonus.

These days, anglers have many great options on gear and equipment to suit any style of fishing, but when it came time to pack up and head home (hopefully after a visit to the fillet table) there were very few choices for dealing with a day’s worth of bait, blood, scales, and slime left behind on your hands. 

Fortunately, we also have boatloads of experience developing and manufacturing natural skincare products. We got to work determined to develop a hand cleaner designed to thoroughly clean away a day's worth of fishing and leave hands clean, smooth, and deodorized. MacKenzie's Fisherman Hand Scrub works based on a highly effective combination of natural soap, conditioners, fine ground walnut husks, and the odor busting power of lemon essential oil. Gentle enough to use repeatedly throughout the day but strong enough to combat tough stains and odors, MacKenzie’s gets the job done. Follow it up with our highly moisturizing, non-greasy Fisherman Hand Salve for skin so fresh and smooth, no one will believe you were out fishing all day. And no worries when it comes to the environment, MacKenzie’s is committed to protecting and keeping our waterways clean by using only 100% biodegradable ingredients. 

Give MacKenzie’s a try –- products for fishermen developed by fishermen who know a thing or two about natural skincare –- and fish.

Hank & Michael