As recreational fishermen who grew up and still live on the coast of New England, MacKenzie’s Fisherman Hand Scrub was born out of our love for the coastal lifestyle.  Today anglers have many great options on gear to suit any style of fishing, but when it came time to pack up and head home, there were very few choices for dealing with a day’s worth of bait, blood, scales, and slime left behind on their hands.  Fortunately, we have boatloads of experience developing and manufacturing natural skincare products. We got to work determined to develop a hand cleaner designed to thoroughly clean away a day's worth of fishing and leave hands clean, smooth, and deodorized.  Our efforts were successful and today MacKenzie’s Fisherman Hand Scrub is recognized as a super effective hand cleaner used by people all over the country in a wide variety of activities.

After the great press and impressive growth, we have experienced over the last three years, MacKenzie's has established itself as a versatile gift-giving item to be received by anyone who enjoys working with their hands.  We hear repeated stories of how our hand scrub bought for a fisherman has been commandeered by the cooks, gardeners, and tradesmen of the home. Cooks have learned that MacKenzie's is incredibly effective at eliminating odors after handling seafood, onions, and garlic as well as cleaning and deodorizing cutting boards.  Gardeners and tradesmen enjoy how well the hand scrub removes stubborn dirt and stains from their hands leaving them soft and smooth. For these reasons, MacKenzie's is now found by as many kitchen and workshop sinks as it is in tackle boxes.

Following the success of our flagship Fisherman Hand Scrub, we expanded our personal care line to include cold processed soaps, lotions, salves, body oil, ocean-safe sunscreen, after-sun care and gift sets. Whether on the boat, in the kitchen or just coming out of the garden or workshop, our products complement your daily lifestyle.

Staying true to our New England roots, we proudly make MacKenzie's in small batches at our facility on the coast of New Hampshire.